A very smart lady once recommended to me that as partners we need to ”appreciate each other out loud”. I wondered for a while what she meant, but then I got it. We all too often only comment on the negative things we see in our long term partners. And we bicker. We tell them. Oh yes, we do! But to make a relationship work in the long run …listen up my brides and grooms…we need to remember to tell them how we appreciate the little things they do for us with love and kindness. It goes a long way. Try it for yourself.

Valentines day is just a reminder of our love, the work is done in the other 364 days of the year. So let’s celebrate Valentines day with that in mind.

Happy Valentines Day.

Valentine Day 2017 // 2.000 SEK

  • 1 hour couples session in or around Stockholm
  • 5 high resolution retouched images for prints up to 20×30 cm
  • Two mini 12 x 12 photo books. One for each lovebird. (Alternatively a 1.000 SEK print credit that can be put towards a larger album)