I must admit, I have so many favorite places in and around Stockholm, that it would be difficult to shortlist ”Top 5 places in Stockholm to visit”, but Rosendals Trägård is way, way up there. On the beautiful green island of Djurgården (”animal garden”) in close vicinity of Skansen, the ABBA museum and Gröna Lund, you will find this peaceful green haven. Especially during the weekdays and first thing in the morning, it’s a wonderful place to wander around, smell the flowers, have a picnic under an apple tree or let the kids run through the maze or play at the playground.

The cafe offers wonderful treats that are true ”farm to table”, grown in their gardens, which you can enjoy in the old green house. As a photographer, I especially enjoy the stunning light in the green house. And that is why I recently met here for a photo session with a toddler. No names yet, as this shoot is a surprise for Pappa (daddy). For now I would just like to share a few impressions from this location and I hope that you will get a chance to visit if you are in Stockholm. Feel free to give me a shout or drop me a line for your very own shoot!

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