If you have ever wondered how to display your photos best and started to look at options, you will have realized that there are a million and one options. From the standard frame to the custom made frame….in white, black, wood, metal….simple or elaborately decorated…and the list goes on and on.

Just see what I found on Pinterest.

I have a variation of light wood and white frames at my home. Some are even black metal. Very thin black metal. But in general I prefer the natural light wood frames. My walls are white, but if light wood matches your interior style, they word very well on dark walls too.

Last week I visited a vernissage and noticed that all the photos were behind Plexiglas. It gives the images a lot of dimension and life. It certainly won’t work for all images. Some photos work best on fine art paper which gives the photo such a lovely organic look, but I wanted to give Plexiglas a try and ordered a small, thick, Plexiglas image of my logo which will be on my desk from now on. Its very nice how the mountain range in Alagna, Italy reflects in the Plexiglas. It almost looks like a shiny deep mountain lake.

Have a look at Lumas on Sturegatan in Östermalm and you can see a big variety of images that work behind plexiglas.

The choices don’t end here though…

You can have photos mounted to PVC, Dibond, MDF, aluminum or print directly on wood or aluminum with the structure shining thought. Talk to me about the options for your images. I am happy to suggest the best option for your interior style depending on the individual image.