In the old days we used little triangle stickies to add the photographs to our albums. Sometimes photos fell out. Or the pages in between pages, that were there to protect the photos, got messy…not anymore. Modern, high end photobooks are just as stunning in color as the photos are real photographic prints on Fujicolor Crystal archival paper. Two photos are glued together to give a sturdy page and the special binding allows printing over the whole album (double page) and lays flat for easy viewing.

My albums are printed on matte paper. So they get looked at many times and not catch dust in the bookshelf because you are afraid of fingerprints. There are non! I want you to look at them many, many times. Make a tradition of looking at your kids baby album every year for their birthday. My kids love that.

Here is a small sample album with extra thick pages. Stunning! If you want more pages (the super thick version is limited in pages), there is also the option of normal pages, which look just the same and also lay flat.