Only two more weeks till Bröllopsfeber and my preparations are in full swing. Thanks to my amazingly talented and creative friend Pamela Pomplitz my booth is going to look beautiful. Make sure you check out her work on her work on her blog or in interior magazines like Rum Design and Plaza Interior .

While you wait to see the results of my booth design and building…here is a little craft project that will sparkle up any wedding. Come to my monter/booth A4:13 to see the results.

Golden feathers

All my supplies are from Panduro. You will need: feathers, gold paint, gold flakes. bröllopsfeber, craft

Bröllopsfeber, craft
First you you paint the gold color on with a brush. Here are my two little helpers…
Make sure you protect your table with some newspaper.
Then sprinkle the gold flakes on while the paint is still wet.
And…voilà…you are done. We used glasses covered with plastic wrap to create stands to give the feathers space to dry.