Photo by: Julia Rapp

Who I am and what I do!

Hej, how wonderful that you are visiting me!

I love meeting new people and I cherish my old friendships. Maybe that is why I became a photographer! I value my memories. My father and my mother each had a fully manual Voigtländer camera with which they documented my sisters and my life from day one. I was given about 10 old fashioned photo albums one day. My life in photos! I can honestly say that my photos are my most valued possession. When there is a fire, people save their photos first. There are professional retouchers who volunteer to rescue photos damaged during war, floods or fires.

Think about this! That’s why I love what I am doing! It’s very rewarding thinking that in 50 years my customers and their children and grandchildren will look at their wedding or their family album together.

I am the mother of two marvelous creatures, a traveler, the wife to my travel companion husband, a lover of healthy, green food, a cook, a homework helper, a story teller, a friend, a yogi…

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and lived in Canada, Bermuda and now Sweden. Photography has always been in my heart and in 2010 I graduated from The Photography Institute, Canada. I have since photographed wonderful families and their emotions, first kisses as husband and wife, the eye contact of a new born baby with the parents, siblings fighting and making up. My goal is to capture real emotions.

As an international wedding photographer I have shot weddings in Bermuda, Canada, New York, Boston and Stockholm. Now I am based in Stockholm, Sweden, but I love to travel. Just contact me with your wedding details.

Tell me about your story and let me help you capture the memories for the years to come.

Looking forward to connecting.

PS: I speak German, English and Swedish.