A sunny hello to you all,

spring is finally here in Stockholm. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have some spare time which I spent on our sunny, warm balcony. What a treat! It made me realize that summer is almost here…

I have this wonderful new app called Dreamdays which counts down to all the weddings I have booked for this summer, our personal travel and special occasions as well as our Canadian family’s visit this summer. I love to see the numbers get smaller and smaller every day.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that my family and I have a bit of a travel bug. It does something to you when you move around like this. It opens your mind to the world and all the good (and bad) in it. I truly believe it made us all better people. Besides giving our children the gift of language. At age 8 and 10 they are fluent in 3 languages and have seen so many wonderful places already.

Early on, really before I started to get so serious about my wedding photography passion, I shot weddings in Bermuda, Boston, Canada….and loved every minute of it. When the kids were so little, it was more a dream to be able to travel to shoot weddings, but now as they are getting more and more independent, I would love to shoot some destination weddings in Europe or really anywhere in this beautiful world next year. So I am starting to build a destination wedding portfolio.

So here is the win/win:

I am looking for couples or families who are interested in a free photo shoot during my summer trips to Mallorca and the Cyclades/Athens this summer. In return, you get the high resolution, retouched files for prints up to 9×13 cm. I get to use your images to promote my business. See….win/win! 🙂

You can even order albums or prints through me if you like. But that is totally optional.

So if you are interested and traveling or living in one of my summer destinations or if you know anybody who is, please get in touch. Feel free to share this post or tag yourself to share with your friends.

Happy summer!


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